RMC LASER CUTTING provides cutting services for FLAT BARS

The use of the laser cutting technology is one of the most effective methods for obtaining a fine metal cut.


For a professional data processing, please send us the working sketches in “.stp” format, the materials and quantities for each individual product, as well as your option regarding material sourcing (RMC materials or supplied by the customer).

Upon request, we can perform the INDUSTRIAL MARKING of the codes to help customers quickly identify the parts, especially if these are part of an assembly.

170 mm

Diameter of the circle circumscribed to the maximum size of the profiles

15 mm

Diameter of the circle circumscribed to the minimum size of the profiles

Adaptive fastening system for flat bars

6.5 meters

The maximum processing length

What materials do we process?

Regardless of the material that flat bars are made of, we are ready for high-precision cuts because we have the necessary experience and high-performance machines. Laser cutting has the advantage of a very good manufacturing time compared to other cutting methods..

What equipment does RMC use for FLAT BAR LASER CUTTING operations?

TRULASER TUBE 3000 (2023)
Power:  3KW

Latest-generation equipment:

We use state-of-the-art CNC equipment, which allows us to make complex cuts with a very good precision of +/- 2mm. Thus, we make sure that your project receives the necessary attention and best quality because we invest in new TRUMPF CNCs, i.e. state-of-the-art German technology.

Imagination is the limit. You design the project, we put it practice with maximum precision!